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Preparing your site is of high importance before a job commences to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are some of the most important things to consider.



Irrigation Systems

The full irrigation system (including both residents and common areas) should be turned off at least 24 hours prior to the start of the project. Roads must be dry before paving, and it is easier to keep them dry rather than have to dry them out, which may cause delays and additional charges. Sprinkler systems must be turned off!


Communicate With The Residents

It is a good idea to schedule a Q&A session for the residents around 10 days prior to the scheduled work commencing. By having sitemaps and details of the work to be carried out available, you can help the residents be comfortable that the project will be completed with the minimum of disruption.


The Elderly and Children

When planning a project, children and the elderly should be taken into account. If there is likely to be a disruption in access, then school buses, nannies, home care workers, and potentially even the school itself may need to be informed of the plan. 


This may include setting up a safe area for children to be picked up/dropped off for the duration of the project. Ensure that parents understand the dangers inherent in the work, and impress upon them the need to make their children aware too.


Even if there is no heavy machinery running, the materials used should not be interfered with, nor should any recently laid surface be walked upon.


Make Sure People Can Reach Your Contractor

A directory of contacts should be established for the contractor to use in the event of any issue or problem occurring during the project. Conversely, the contractor should provide contact information for the residents in case any changes occur. A cell number for the main contact is a requirement.


An Informed And Verified Map of The Area

The first piece of information we require to begin your project is a map of the property. Roadways and parking areas should be clearly marked as well as property limits and landscape features (such as trees, pools, etc).


Any repairs that may be required can then be noted on the map giving us a good idea of where to begin and allow us to schedule the work properly.


All Traffic, Truck Roots, and Deliveries

There will no doubt be many people and services that currently visit the property, including the post office, FedEx, newspapers, garbage collection, and so on. Rather than allowing these services to interrupt the ongoing works, it can be easier to put these services on hold for several days whilst the work is completed.


An alternative approach is to have deliveries taken to an alternate address that you can collect them from the same day – this will allow you to continue as normal, but not have the inconvenience of work being held up while a service tries to access the property.


Other services to consider include landscape and pool services, as access may be restricted so far as to prevent them from entering the property area. It is wise to give plenty of notice to these services as they may lose revenue with a short-notice cancellation. 


Someone once said, “Failing to plan is just planning to fail”.

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