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Healthcare and Hospital Markets Florida

We want to make sure your healthcare operation is ready for anything. The medical industry requires clean, open access and clear markings. We provide all of the above and more.


We follow plans, regulations, and requirements. Hospitals and medical centers have to be able to receive people in emergent conditions. We make sure this is possible by creating the most access guaranteed entry/access point and parking area. When an ambulance is coming into an emergency room we want the patient coming in not to affected by the asphalt or concrete we put down. A smooth surface is a non-negotiable requirement, so the injured or ill patient is not affected by the vehicle jerking around, as a result of bad/old pavement or bad parking markers.  


We have you covered. Your employees and patients will be guaranteed safety on our surfaces. 


Please Contact Us at (863) 934-8661

Hospital Asphalt Paving Markets

We offer the health care industries in Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Auburndale, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and the surrounding areas in Florida. 


 It is incredibly crucial that all emergency vehicles and patients be able to come and go with ease from your facilities. Contact Imperial Paving for your quote today. We will bring the highest quality asphalt paving available in Florida. 


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