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Concrete curbs are a necessary addition to parking lots and other surfaces because they can direct vehicles to specific areas and ensure surfaces are equipped for all types of use and weather conditions. Here at Imperial Paving, we install concrete curbs at locations throughout the Auburndale, Brandon, Tampa, Lakeland and the surrounding areas in Florida, and our work is second-to-none. Whether you need multiple curbs installed or a single, larger curb at a key location, we are the ones for the job, thanks to our commitment to quality workmanship and superior customer care.



There are two main types of concrete curbs we install barrier curbs and mountable curbs. Barrier curbs provide a definitive barrier between the pavement and the roadside surface. These curbs are raised off of the ground to prevent traffic crossing from one area to another. Comparatively, mountable curbs can be approached and crossed by vehicles without creating damage. However, these curbs incorporate additional visibility before the driver chooses to cross the boundary.



Both of these concrete curbs allow for gutter installation that enhances the flow of water along the curb line, acting as an additional safety measure for your concrete and asphalt surfaces. We will carefully help you determine the right placement of your new concrete curbs before moving forward with installation for maximum success.



We would be more than happy to tell you more about concrete curbs, their importance, and our related installation services. Get in touch with us at Imperial Paving today to speak with one of our professionals!

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