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Protect the appearance and functionality of your parking lot, driveway, roadway, basketball court, tennis court and or sports track with asphalt sealcoating in Florida. 

























Asphalt sealcoating fills surface voids in the pavement, which reduces exposure to UV rays and oxygen over time. This process also reduces the depth to which gas or oil can penetrate the asphalt and harm its overall appearance. Additionally, a sealcoat acts as a waterproofing agent, which minimizes the rate at which water can infiltrate the asphalt and cause damage to a driveway or parking lot. For all these reasons and more, at Imperial Paving, we highly recommend asphalt sealcoating, and we can provide this service at your location in Auburndale, Brandon, Tampa, Lakeland and the surrounding areas in Florida.


We make asphalt sealcoating a quick, easy, and highly beneficial process for property and business owners. We realize that when your parking lot or driveway is out of commission, even for a short time, your operations can take a hit. This is why our team works quickly and effectively during the sealcoating process to carefully apply the seal for maximum benefit.

Although investing in asphalt sealcoating once can significantly protect your parking lot or driveway, its effects will wear out over time, creating the need for the coating process to be repeated. After you have us come and seal your asphalt, we cannot stress enough how important it is to turn to us for resealing regularly to ensure the longevity, appearance, and overall functionality of your asphalt surface.


If you have any questions about asphalt sealcoating and its importance, contact us at Imperial Paving! We are always more than happy to provide further information about who we are, what we do, and the services we offer.


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